Holiday Greetings from Ana & Joyce!

 December 2003

The holidays will have come and gone in no time. Joyce and Ana wish you Chag Chanukah (Happy Hanukah), Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas. More important than all the words that express greeting at this time, they hope you feel the Blessings that these times should bring. Surround yourselves with your loved ones when you can. Don't dwell on the commercial aspects of the season that we are constantly bombarded with. 

Take time to attend a Holy-Day celebration at the House of Worship of your choice. Don't forget the Reason for the Season, and the Miracle of the Lights, and Yeshua, Jesus, the Eternal Light!

God Bless all who read this,
and know that you are Loved!

Happy Holy-Days!

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